3RJ · Surftime

“The history of the 3RJ Surf Time surfing and bodyboarding school, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, began in 2002. It was the first surfing school established at Las Canteras beach, specifically at La Cicer beach, in the Guanarteme neighborhood, offering introductory surfing courses during the summer.
In 2003 the 3RJ Surf Time sports club was founded, with the aim of promoting surfing on La Cicer beach.In September 2003, an official training course was provided for basic surfing instructors, organized by the Spanish and Canarian surfing federations (FES and FCS). It was attended by two of the current coaches at the 3RJ school.

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Our goal has always been to bring our passion and lifestyle to everyone who wants to get into the world of surfing. So we aim to instil human values in all our students, in addition to improving their surfing level, enhancing their quality as people and their interpersonal skills, especially in the water.

The surf school has a team of four instructors covering shortboard, longboard and bodyboard, all with years of experience in the sport. We have all the necessary equipment and a prime location in the heart of the surfing world at Las Canteras, on La Cicer beach.”


C/ Lepanto 27. Plaza del Pilar
(Barrio de Guanarteme)
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


+34 928 491 142
+34 647 732 425